Michael W. Smith Honors Billy Graham’s Legacy With His Favorite Hymn

“Christ not only died for all: He died for each.” | Billy Graham

Last month, North Carolina presented a statue to the U.S. Capitol Building dedicated to the late evangelist Billy Graham. Michael W. Smith performed a special song that connected the both of them at the ceremony.

In the last months of Graham’s life, Michael W. Smith shared how he would often play and sing classic hymns by Graham’s side. The statue’s base features two Bible verses that were central to Graham’s ministry: John 14:6 and John 3:16. These verses serve as a reminder of the core messages Graham preached throughout his life.

“I can’t help but reflect on the many times we were able to minister together all across America. I also remember him asking me to play some hymns for him in his last few months on earth. I would set up my piano next to him in his wheelchair, play some classics, and he would do his very best to sing along. “I Surrender All” was a special one we got to share and it felt fitting for today’s remembrance of who Billy Graham was and his heart behind everything he did.” | Michael W Smith


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I love that Billy Graham’s favorite hymn was “I Surrender All.” When you think of the word “surrender” it usually has a negative meaning like giving up and losing the game. But the beautiful part about surrendering to God is, it’s not giving up, -it’s letting go. It’s laying all of your problems at His feet and knowing that with Him on your side, it will all work out for your good.

Surrendering to God is a powerful message that Billy Graham preached his whole life, and now we get to share that good news!

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