Listen to “Holy Water” by the Band Who Opened for Chris Tomlin

Raw desperation soaks this song in the needy humility of a homeless wanderer. The sparse, heavy-hitting percussion provides a desert-like backdrop for the begging harmonies. The lyrics read like a modern-day Psalm, unpolished and brimming with meaning. Listen to We The Kingdom’s first single, “Holy Water.”


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John Demola
John Demola
February 19, 2020 5:25 am

The song is great except for the title and final line of the chorus. After some beautiful poetic lines what kind of image is created by “holy water on my skin”?
Those little bowls of water in the catholc church? The preist sprikling it on a coffin? A charlatan selling it on tv? Only one thing can be deduced when seemingly mature Christian artists use such unbiblical wording in their song.

Reply to  John Demola
March 5, 2020 10:53 am

You are 100% correct. When I hear this song I get a creepy feeling and turn off my radio until it’s over. “Holy water” is a human ritualistic practice of the flesh, and then putting it on the flesh makes even worse. Sad that so many Christians lack the discernment to see how anti-biblical this song is.

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