Lauren Daigle Releases Secrets About Hit Song “You Say”

Whether you’re a Christian music fan or not there’s a good chance you’ve heard Lauren Daigle’s hit song, You Say. It was released as a single on July 13, 2018 and since then has reached the unprecedented milestone of 100 weeks in the No. 1 slot of the Hot Christian Songs chart. From the incredible advice she gives on anxiety to the support she shows for up-and-coming artists… what’s not to love about this incredible woman?

My favorite Lauren Daigle fun fact many people don’t know is when she was 17 she auditioned for American Idol! She made it all the way to the Top 24 when Simon Cowell’s “no” sent her home. She didn’t let that “no” stop her from continuing to pursue music, landing a record deal, and becoming the Grammy winning artist we know today.

Lauren recently re-released her You Say music video, this time filled with “fun facts” and secrets we didn’t know before. Check it out:

  • You Say was written in 2015.
  • Lauren started singing You Say in 2016 on the A Night with Lauren Daigle tour.
  • Lauren tracked the vocals for You Say in March, 2018.
  • The background vocal parts were created by Morgan Harper Nichols, who also performed background vocals on Lauren’s first album, How Can It Be.
  • The song and video were released July 13, 2018.
  • On that same day, Lauren announced Look Up Child, her 2nd studio album.
  • Lauren had shot a high budget video for the song, but it didn’t work. It was scrapped at the 11th hour to do a reshoot.
  • The video was shot in one day on Monday, July 9, 2018. It was fully edited by Thursday and released on Friday.
  • The video takes place at the studio and the house where she spent months recording Look Up Child
  • Lauren performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live! February 26, 2019 and on Good Morning America May 1, 2019.
  • The music video was directed by John Gray who also directed Lauren’s Rescue and Hold On To Me music videos.

“I want this to be such a record of joy, such a record of hope, that people experience a childlikeness again. In the time of making this record, I had to remember who I was as a child. I want people to reflect on, the innocence of my childhood… how do I see myself through those eyes again? How do I love myself like that again? Where’s that joy? Where’s that hope?

This song for me was just a reminder of identity. It was a reminder that I know when I’m weak, He’s strong-so how do I change that and bring that into my everyday life? When I feel inadequate how is it that there’s always these moments where I feel these moments where I feel like God just steps in and supersedes my inadequacies.

This entire song was so every single day I would get up on stage and remind myself-no, this is the truth, this is the truth, this is the truth. Don’t get buried in confusion.” – Lauren Daigle | Billboard

  • Lauren performed You Say on the 2018 GMA Dove Awards and the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.
  • She also performed You Say on the season 19 finale of The Voice. Watch here! 
  • You Say has over 415 million streams on Spotify and the music video has over 270 million views.
  • In 2019, You Say won a Grammy for the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Song, and a GMA Dove Award for Song of the Year.
  • You Say is certified 5 times platinum in the US.
  • While recording the record, Lauren would walk out of the studio each night and watch the sunset from the porch you see at the end of the music video.
Lauren Daigle Shares Why Our Identity in Christ Matters
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