Lauren Daigle is Going to Be Featured in the New “Blade Runner” Movie?

Lauren Daigle just announced, she is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Blade Runner 2045! She wrote and sings a brand new song called “Almost Human.”

It’s a little different than the worship music we may be used to from Lauren, but hearing her heart behind it is fascinating.

Lauren posted to Facebook, telling fans how God showed up in the middle of writing this song. She said:

“Get ready, it’s a long post!

In January of this year, I received a phone call that was impressively timely. I had just finished explaining to my management that I have a new aspiration to one day write the score for a film. They chuckled in surprise with some news for me. “Lauren, we called you to discuss just that. We received a phone call out of the blue from a company called Alcon Sleeping Giant that wants you to write for an upcoming film called Blade Runner 2049.” I started laughing because timing is not something I take for granted; I see it as fingerprints. I took a deep breath and agreed to a meeting. After this meeting, I was able to determine whether I wanted to embark upon the writing adventure. I flew out to LA, found myself in a studio writing with some strangers I now call friends, and within two days, our song was complete.

There is a moment in the writing room that I wait for, the moment where I can feel God breathe on something. In the first day of writing, it seemingly wasn’t there. I left feeling like that was my life or death, my yes or no. I knew we had to tweak some things. The next day, I went in to complete the song lyric and lay down the vocal. For me, I was still waiting. Back and forth, sitting still, walking in circles. And then, the last lyric came. We ran around the room like children. It was the moment the “yes” showed up. The breath was there filling the words on the page and equipping my soul for territories I have never known.

We, as humans, long for hope. We long for love. We long for value. I was walking through a time where I needed to be reminded of those same things. Not because of what I do. Not because of successes. Not because I have a voice or people telling me I’m valuable. But because of whose I am and who I am. If this whole world changes, am I still whole in the end?

Although, I had never seen Blade Runner 2049, I was told the synopsis of the story during the writing session. I didn’t have an acting role in the film, but I had the opportunity to become a sonic actor, to tell a story of searching and questioning through sound. I dove in, relating to the emotions and feelings of each character. When it came time to act my scene, the pen and paper became the backdrop where lyrics evolved into life. I embraced the idea of what it felt like to never meet your full potential, to strive for something you could never attain, and long for what you could never have. We, as humans, can be tossed aside and undervalued even while giving life your hardest fight, your best effort. This is where I see my need for something greater. This is where I see my need for God to give me the hope I long for, the love I’m desperately wired for, and the value my identity searches for.

So here it is. We have arrived. “Almost Human” is available on Spotify & iTunes. But what I wrote this post for was you, the listener, to honor every supporter of my music this far with an explanation and to invite more to the table. You might have questions. Trust me, I do too. But I’d rather walk into unfamiliar places with purpose than stay safe within the walls of complacency. I never know where the road goes, but I know where it leads. I’m excited for people I’ve never met to be inspired and to feel a love that transforms all of humanity. I may not have created the score for a film, but Hans Zimmer isn’t so bad (cue the winks 😉)…”

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