Lauren Daigle Invites America’s Got Talent Contestant to Perform With Her at Red Rocks

Ava Swiss wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent with her amazing voice and her story of strength and bravery. But who knew that she also wowed Lauren Daigle, who invited her to perform on stage with her in concert at Red Rocks in Colorado.

18 year old Ava and her brother were at Oxford High School in Michigan when a 15 year old shooter killed four people and injured 4 more. Ava says she felt God telling her to go a different direction from her normal route on the day of the shooting and it possibly saved her life. Ava often turns to music in difficult situations and Lauren’s song “Remember” helped her through this experience.

Her terrifying journey could have easily left her without hope, instead she found purpose.

“Once I performed at a vigil three weeks after the shooting, that’s when I realized that I could not only use music to help heal myself but to help heal other people. That was the day I found my purpose in life.”

Lauren was also inspired to join in Ava’s purpose and presented her with a $25,000 check, donated through Lauren’s Price Fund, to 42 Strong, an organization began by the family of an Oxford High victim. “42 Strong” desires to “create a better future by helping students develop a greater sense of purpose, community and resilience. Price Fund also donated an additional $25,000 to Colorado’s Healing Fund, which provides support to families of victims and survivors of mass violence.

“Ava has something so potent to sing for. I was so moved by her story, by her bravery. I went backstage earlier and just started bawling (because) I’m so proud of her, and she is so loved. I hope that our donation (to 42 Strong) will make a difference.”

Hear more of Ava’s story on her America’s Got Talent audition:

Maybe God Wants More Than a Prayer Response to Mass Shootings
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