Beth Moore on How God Used Her #MeToo Story for Something Beautiful

When Beth Moore of Living Proof Ministries joined the #MeToo conversation, sharing that sexual abuse was part of her story, people took notice. But the depth and purpose of her message is even more powerful than you might expect.

We caught up with Beth Moore at the Dove Awards where she explained why speaking up about the hard parts of our stories is so important. Here’s what she said:

I hope so much I no longer smell like that smoke, but it is vital that I tell people I’ve been in that fire…It‘s got to be said. This was very unusual when I was a young woman. I was told early on, “Don‘t you tell that…people cannot handle that.” But how do you have authenticity?

It‘s not who I am, but it is part of my story and it shaped so much about the ministry. And it‘s not a ministry to people who are abused. It‘s a ministry to anyone! But people need know – that there is absolutely nothing that Jesus cannot bring you through and use in such a way that it‘s redeemed. I think that’s how you get back at the enemy.

To read more on what Beth Moore has to say about the #MeToo movement within the church, check out her post called A Letter to My Brothers.

People need know there is absolutely nothing that Jesus can't bring you through and use in such a way that it's redeemed! Click To Tweet
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