Best Way to Memorize the Books of the Bible? It’s This Rap

🚨Calling all Bible nerds…🚨

If you want to impress your youth group, small group, or friend group…this rap is a surefire way to turn some heads. The lyrics are listed below for easy memorization, you’re welcome. Stick around after this video for some fun Bible trivia!


Genesis, God creates the world humans wreck it.

Exodus, the exit of the Israelites is epic.

Leviticus and Numbers God’s people get wobbly, Moses whips them into shape in


Joshua’s pursuit of the promised land is legendary.

Judges hold grudges but Ruth is extraordinary.

1 Samuel and 2 Samuel, David has heart.

1 Kings and 2 Kings, the king’s kingdom falls apart.

Chronicles, the Israelites are inching into exile.

Ezra and Nehemiah bring them back from the Gentiles.

Esther is the queen saving Jews from catastrophe,

Job finds hope in the middle of his tragedy.

Psalms are the bombs David drops when he’s worshipping.

Proverbs are the words of the wise king journaling.

Here’s Ecclesiastes, life is a vapor.

Here’s Song of Solomon, skip it ‘til later.

Isaiah says King Jesus will be born.

Jeremiah blasts God’s plan on the horn.

Lamentations, God’s nations in pieces.

They need a new heart, which Ezekiel teaches.

Daniel can you handle it- furnaces and lions?

The way of Hosea is salvation through reliance.

Joel plays the role of announcing God’s day.

Amos is famous for the narrow and the straight.

Obadiah- he implies a true messiah’s on the way.

So does Jonah all alone inside a fish for three days  

Micah like an earthquake speaks God’s power.

Nahum names God a trustworthy, strong tower.

Habakkuk with a backup of a vision on a tablet,

Zephaniah writing God’s love is elaborate.

Haggai, good guys passion is contagious.

Zechariah, Malachi, God’s gonna save us.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all about Jesus.

Acts are the facts of how He’ll never leave us.

Romans is the road to a spirit-filled life.

Corinthians– faith, hope, love never die.

Galatians, fruit of the Spirit gonna grow.

Ephesians, God’s masterpiece. Good to know.

Philippians, running that race with Christ.

Colossians, washed clean, doing things right.

1 and 2 Thessalonians, giving God gratitude.

1 and 2 Timothy leading with your attitude.

Titus gonna talk about grace from above.

Philemon leanin’ on brotherly love.

Hebrews brewing up faith like a child.

The name of James game: joy in every trial.

1 and 2 Peter cast cares on Jesus.

1, 2, 3 John His love frees us.

Jude is a dude speaking truth that burns.

Revelation celebrating Jesus’ return.

Now that you know the books of the Bible, it’s time to test your knowledge on the spiciest book…Song of Solomon. Check out this fun video from our This or That series.

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