5 TikTok Influencer’s Who Don’t Hide Their Faith in Christ

I once had 53 notifications sent to me within one hour. Take your guess as to which social media network my friend was using…

Tiktok can be an overwhelming platform with all the chaos, controversy and mounds of endless content. But sometimes there are the rare exceptions of influencers who use their platforms to spread hope.

1. @it_is_me_dominque

Dominque is a young influencer from Minneapolis. She has two ongoing series, Bible trivia and Car jams. She has close to 500 tiktoks dedicated to the Bible trivia series, which is my personal favorite. Here’s an example, see how you do.

@it_is_me_dominique Bible Trivia #459 How did you do?! #bibletrivia #bible #biblefacts #trivia ♬ original sound – Dominique

Her car jams series is dedicated to building a playlist of Christian music that explores different genres. You can find the playlist at Spotify or Apple Music. You can listen to KB and other artists on this playlist at NGEN radio anytime!

@it_is_me_dominique car jams pt.36!! the (Spotify/Apple Music) playlist can be found in the ‘playlist’ highlight or you can search (it_is_me_dominique) on either platform the playlist is called “car jams” and the artists are tagged! #songrecs #songrecommendations #christianrap #christianhiphop #christiansongrecommendations #rap #hiphop #carjams #songs #spotify #applemusic #chh ♬ original sound – Dominique

2. @whatsuphill (Hillary Caitlyn)

Have you ever read a passage in the Bible and thought…what? Same. Hillary has a hilarious series where she does Bible commentary, and the results are very relatable.

@whatsuphill Context is key when it comes to reading Revalation 😂 #biblehumor #christiancomedy #christiantiktok #biblereading ♬ original sound – Hillary Caityn

@whatsuphill Im sure Noah looked crazy in his process of obrdience, but look how it worked out! 😂 Plus his wife was a real ons the way she supported him though this. Lol #christian #biblestories #christiancomedy #biblehumor #noahsark ♬ Middle East Arabic Music – TimTaj

3. @joechristianguy (Joe Navarro)

Joe Navarro is one of the first people you think of in the world of Christian Tiktok. He’s a 24 year old from Dallas, Texas. His goofy content is sure to make you smile.

@joechristianguy Gotta take every opportunity 😌😂 #christian #christiantiktok #Jesus #fyp #foryou #trending ♬ original sound – queenoppfunny

@joechristianguy I tell Jesus everything 😂🤣 #christian #christiantiktok #Jesus #fyp #foryou #trending ♬ original sound – Mr_ramos

4. @iamlatrelljackson (Latrell & Deja Jackson)

Trell & Deja are a young couple in Florida who use their Tiktok for Christian comedy, and promoting Latrell’s original Christian rap songs. In this tiktok, they created a funny rap about different Bible couples. Enjoy.

@iamlatrelljackson Shabooya – Roll Call (Christian Couple Edition) 😂🙏🏾 Shoutout to @chrischris011 for this trend! Shoutout to @omgitswande too. Her version was 😂🔥! #christiantiktok #christiancouple #hallelujahrollcall #shabooyarollcall #shabooyachallenge ♬ original sound – Trell & Deja

@iamlatrelljackson What’s a fear you need Jesus for? 🏃🏾‍♂️💨🐊 #CoverTheEarth #NaomiRaine #OneName ♬ original sound – Naomi Raine

5. @maybenotgavin (Gavin Casalegno)

Actor Gavin Casalegno (23) has dedicated an entire TikTok account to sharing His love for Christ.

Although he is most notably known for his character Jeremiah in the show The Summer I Turned Pretty, Gavin was actually a childhood actor who was featured in some Christian films including I am Gabriel (2012), and the biblical epic Noah (2014).





“The only place you’re ever gonna find true joy is in something that doesn’t change. Something that’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And for me. That’s Jesus.” | Gavin Casalegno

Just like Gavin said, take some time to reflect on this question. Where do you find your joy?

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy.” | Psalm 16:11

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