5 Christian YouTube Channels to Grow Your Faith & Make You Laugh

On the evenings I can’t find anything to watch on Netflix, I typically turn to YouTube and binge watch videos until I fall asleep. Who knew 31 was the age you fall asleep on the couch every night before 9pm? 

I follow some great YouTube channels that keep me laughing and encourage me in my faith. I think you’ll like them too.

 Check out these 5 channels and if you like them, subscribe!

1. Blimey Cow

I discovered Blimey Cow in college, and they have made me laugh out loud ever since.

The channel is run by two brothers “who are trying to make the world a little less messy.” I love how their chaotic humor pokes fun at Christian culture without being mean and sarcastic like other Christian comedians.

If you were homeschooled, or have a lot of homeschooled friends, this channel will probably have a special place in your heart.

2. The Stewart Fam

Ok, so I’m going to admit I’m not a big fan of lifestyle YouTube channels. However, I have a lot of friends who love watching The Stewart Fam’s adventures so I’m going to add them to the list.

Evan and Carlin Stewart are Christians from Knoxville, Tennesee who love documenting life with their family and sharing Jesus with their followers. Their videos are extremely adorable and watching them makes me feel like I’m a part of their family.

If you enjoy lifestyle blogging, you’ll love this channel. Give The Stewart Fam a follow.

3. Dude Perfect

Dude perfect is basically “5 best buds just kickin’ it.” At least that’s how they describe themselves.

You’ll find a whole bunch of trick shot videos, fun stereotype parodies, and action packed “battles” on their channel that will keep you watching for hours. But what I love most is how passionate they are about their faith.

They made this behind-the-scenes documentary as a thank you to their fans, and they seem like humble guys who are serious about their faith.

“If we lost everything tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. We know the most important thing to have is Jesus.”

4. Sunday Cool Christian Tees

Sunday Cool Christian Tees is a t-shirt printing company in Tavares FL, and I’m not lying when I say their YouTube channel is one of my favorite things ever. No, their channel has nothing to do printing t-shirts, and everything to do with Christian church humor.

If you grew up going to church like me, you’ll love this content. “Church Hacks: Christian Cussing & Expressions” is the most relatable video I’ve ever seen, and I’m trying to work these Christian “cuss words” into my vocabulary. Especially the phrase “Lauren Daigle on a Bagel”.

5. How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous is similar to Dude Perfect except they have Australian accents. Based in Perth, Australia, How Ridiculous has been posting amazing trick shot videos since 2009, and the world has become obsessed. These guys know how to have fun, and share their faith. How cool is that?

On their website they say, “The Lord’s love and faithfulness is seriously off-the-charts good. Yeah we’ve got a few subscribers and we are super thankful for that, but our existence isn’t to glorify How Ridiculous. God has been our rock and foundation from day one. His grace is the best gift we (as individuals and as a team) have ever received and we look forward to every new day as an opportunity to make videos that honor Him.

As we continue to push the boundaries, working on some crazy new projects and dreaming big, we keep looking upwards for guidance – believing that God knows the best How Ridiculous and trusting Him to get us there!”

Bonus Channel: Way Nation

Yes. This is a shameless plug. If you haven’t subscribed to Way Nation you’re missing out. We create content that is fun & meaningful and helps you go deeper in your faith. Here are my personal favorites.

Song Battles | MercyMe & Michael Tait from the Newsboys

Songs From a Mug | We the Kingdom

This or That | Passion Music

Live Performance | “Symphony” Switch

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