5 Christian Music Themed Gifts for the People in Your Life

Gift giving can be hard, especially because you want to get the perfect thing that reflects your care for someone. Well, it’s your lucky day because below are five things that every Christian music lover will be excited to unwrap.

1. How organized is TOO organized?

For the type-a person whose to-do lists have to-do lists (No, I’m not talking from experience). This inspiration planner from singer and artist, Morgan Harper Nichols, is a great way to get your favorite list maker ready for the new year.

2. I need another bookshelf…

For the person who reads so much it makes you feel bad. Add Anne Wilson’s new book ‘My Jesus’ to their collection. This powerful book walks through the story of her losing her brother in a tragic car accident and the journey that inspired the song, “My Jesus.”

3. The vibe has to be just right.

For the person that has 45 candles and uses every single one of them… You know someone came to mind… *looks over at my husband.* This candle will make you want to dive right into relaxation mode. The aroma of rain water, sea mist and fine leather will make anyone excited to add this candle to their collection. Who knew that the incredibly talented Steven Curtis Chapman also has an incredibly talented wife, Mary Beth, who makes candles? This specific candle was inspired by the CCM classic, “Dive” by her husband, whose music we all grew up on.

4. It’s not old, it’s retro.

For the person who loves a good throwback, place a vinyl record from the OG’s of CCM, dc Talk, under the tree. They will be singing right along to classics like “Luv Is a Verb” and “Jesus Freak.”

5. Art is a lifestyle.

For the person that always is looking for another piece to hang on their walls, these beautiful prints from Jen Ledger, the drummer of Skillet, will make any collector have heart-eyes. Her creative expression of hope, pain and endurance is truly inspirational.

No matter what you give or receive this year, just make sure you are spending time with the people you love. And don’t forget to turn on some good music while you’re at it!

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