5 Christian Artists Expecting in 2022

Everywhere you look, it’s baby announcement after announcement and we couldn’t be happier for some of our favorites artists in Christian music!

1. Francesca Battistelli

Motherhood looks beautiful on Francesca as she and her husband, Matt are expecting baby #6 any day now! She shared this announcement the same day of their 12 year marriage anniversary! How cute!

2. Hollyn


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Hollyn and her husband, Dillion Wilson, are expecting their lil babe in April! She shared this beautiful word on one of her posts:

I’ve never felt more proud of my body.
I used to have a rough time loving the skin I lived in.
I was sick for so long. Tired. I blamed it all on my body. Wishing I could have another one.
But in the last few years, we wrote a new story together.
One of “in it for the long haul”.
One of grace, progression over perfection, and love.
It makes watching my body grow during this pregnancy even more special.
Women are unbelievable and I’m honored to let my body do its thing 🥲
I’ve loved this season of life so much & we are in the home stretch now lil one!!!!

3. Logan Cain


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Logan from CAIN first shared of the good news with this announcement, “I guess it’s just the 3 of us and our little bitty dream. I love you @emilydelphia and I LOVE BEAN #CAINtheBaby.” They’re expecting their little miracle in March, and just look at how beautiful their maternity pictures are!

 4. Madison Johnson


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But guess what?! Logan’s sister and bandmate, Madison, shared her announcement 5 months later that she is also expecting! Her baby is due in August and with 2 CAIN babies due in 2022 we are on the lookout for matching baby outfits and we CAN’T wait to see them #RaisingCains (get the joke? 😆)

CAIN Matching Baby Outfits

5. Seth Morrison


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And just this week, Seth Morrison from Skillet and his wife, Hillary announced they’re expecting their baby girl in July!

So many babies and so little time! Let us know if y’all need a babysitter anytime soon. 😉

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