4 Things Jen Ledger Has Done to Keep Busy During Quarantine

We’ve all had to find creative ways to keep ourselves busy during quarantine and while social distancing. Jen Ledger, the drummer for Skillet and lead vocalist for her band Ledger has found several ways to keep herself busy and shared them with the world on social media.

1) Channeling her inner Joanna Gaines for home DIY projects

2) Drawing


3) #NewHairWhoDis

4) Music at home performances

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March 30, 2021 2:37 pm

Jen is my favorite person on TikTok(and honestly in the world right now). Whenever she post we don’t know what we will get. It could be music related. It could be inspirational/spiritual. It could be something sweet. Or it could be something that’s just so silly and goofy. No matter what though it will be good because Jen is like the best example of what a good person is like.

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