10 Songs to Calm Your Anxiety

When life is overwhelming and I begin to spiral into an anxious state of mind, I listen to these 10 songs.

The lyrics are a source of hope, and I’m reminded that God is bigger than my fears. Next time you start to feel anxious and hopeless, play these songs. I hope they bring you peace like they do me.

Feel free to share songs that bring you hope in the comments below.

1. Peace Be Still – Hope Darst

Peace be still
Say the word and I will
Set my feet upon the sea
‘Til I’m dancing in the deep
Peace be still
You are here so it is well


2. Symphony – Switch

There is peace
Drowning out the voices all around me
Through all of this chaos
You are writing a symphony

3. Into the Sea – Tasha Layton

Can you make something
From the wreckage?
Would you take this heart
And make it whole again?

4. Jesus Paid it All – Kings Kaleidoscope

I hear the savior say
Thy strength indeed is small
Child of weakness, watch and pray
Find in me thine all in all

5. Safe – Neon Feather feat. Chris Cron

Cause everywhere I go You surround me
And every step You go before
And even through the pain You remind me
That every victory is Yours

6. You’re the Only One – Chris Renzema, Moriah Hazeltine

Though the earth my try
To tell me You’re not faithful
Though the earth may try
To blind me from Your goodness
You shine through

7. My Arms – Jen Ledger

So let me see the hurt underneath
I’m not a stranger to pain
Cause I believe in what you can be
I’ll never turn away

8. Why God – Austin French

Give me a faith stronger than I have
I need to know when it hurts this bad
That You hold my heart when it breaks
And I’m not alone in this pain

9. Broken Prayers – Riley Clemmons

You want my tears
Every messy word
Every scar and every fear
You want all I have
With no holding back
When I’m hurt
At my worst
You meet me there

10. Break Every Chain – Tasha Cobbs Leonard

There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain,
break every chain,
break every chain

How to Stop Anxious Thoughts Before They Start || Tauren Wells
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Ruth Nazimek
January 9, 2024 9:49 am

This is amazingly timely for me and my family…beautiful encouragement!

January 28, 2024 12:56 pm

I have heard a few of these songs. They are pretty good. A few songs that help me when anxious are the following

1). Breath by Johnny Diaz (especially the chorus and the end).

2). Still ( by Hillary Scott and the Scott family)

3). Fathers house (by Cory Ashbury

And finally Tell your heart to beat again (by Danny Gokey)

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