What Bible Character Are You?

Are you bold like Peter, wise like Deborah, or… weird like John the Baptist?

When we read scripture, we often find men and women we relate to in different ways. I’m always reminded of the story of the sisters Mary and Martha in Luke 10. Mary sits at Jesus’ feet while Martha is busy doing things in the kitchen. I relate to Martha because sometimes I get so worried and caught up in everyday tasks that I forget to just rest in God’s presence! What’s more relatable than that?

God does this on purpose. He chooses these stories and people to include in His word because He wants to speak to us today! Take this fun and short quiz to find out what Bible character matches your personality!

Make sure to share this quiz with your family and friends and check out this other quiz below. ⬇️

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Carol Stanford
Carol Stanford
March 1, 2024 6:41 am

Thanks for the quiz, Laney. Forest City is a place near and dear to me. We’ve had family there all my life. Most have moved on to their heavenly homes but Forest City NC is a special place. 💛 great quiz! 🙌🏼

reagan ward
reagan ward
March 1, 2024 9:43 am

i like it

Allen Wang
Reply to  reagan ward
May 13, 2024 1:07 pm

Me Too!

March 2, 2024 5:32 am

I have always thought that I was like Peter long before I took the quiz. I struggled making a choice on many of the questions for some reason and was curious to see the results. I was surprised but happy to see Peter show up as my character. Accurate for the choices that were given.

Some Random Jesus Freak
Some Random Jesus Freak
Reply to  Robin
March 9, 2024 2:15 pm

I was Peter too!

Anna Dail Alexander
Anna Dail Alexander
March 1, 2024 6:44 am

Love Hope Nation and all the amazing articles and music they offer!!

Amy Cochran
March 2, 2024 11:10 am

So excited to see your name as creator of this fun quiz, Alaina! So proud of you and happy that you’re following and enjoying your unique calling! Love always from your REaCH family!

Miles Rivera
Miles Rivera
April 17, 2024 11:38 am

Peter for me. People always tell me that I’m one of the most loyal people they know. So I’m guessing I’m peter after the denial.(Hopefully)

April 17, 2024 11:56 pm

Thankyou, Alaina!

Allen Wang
May 13, 2024 1:06 pm

I Love Playing Quizzes And It Was Fun!

June 7, 2024 12:36 pm

It only took 8 times to get John the Baptist! 🤣

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