The Story Continues…

1. Make a commitment to embrace forgiveness.

If you have been challenged to…

  • Let go of a grudge
  • Start giving your bitterness to Jesus each morning
  • Reconcile with an old friend
  • Start showing kindness to someone who wronged you
  • Finally forgive yourself for past mistakes

… or any other form of forgiveness, we want you to take a tangible step to commit to embracing forgiveness. And we want to pray for you.

Text “Forgiven” to 855-339-2936 right now. You are drawing a line in the sand that you are committed to offering, seeking, and accepting forgiveness.

We’ll pray for you as you continue your forgiveness journey! Seriously, there is power in prayer and we want to pray specifically for you.

2. There’s one story left.

Read the greatest forgiveness story of all time in John 17-20. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time reading the story, it will show you just how much God loves you and just how much He sacrificed to make sure you have a clean slate.

Don’t miss a video! Join this 15 day series and dive into more stories like the one from well-known people of faith who have been there. We’ll send each story right to your inbox!

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