3 Ways to Ground Yourself in the Truth About Who You Are


That’s your goal now that you’ve heard this truth about your true identity. Here are three incredible ways to remind yourself of who God says you are!

1. The World’s Biggest Small Group Podcast

Get the FULL conversations with each guest from the Identity series! Our conversations with all of them – Tim Tebow, Lauren Daigle, Tauren Wells, Kirk Cameron, Rebekah Lyons – were actually 15-30 minutes of incredible stories and truth! This is your chance to go deeper into each truth about who you are.

Listen to the Podcast!

2. Your Identity Spotify Playlist

Just hit “shuffle” on this Spotify playlist and fill your house, car, or office with songs that speak truth about who God says you are!

3. Sign up for another World’s Biggest Small Group series!

Get more stories and encouragement from well-known people of faith as they tackle topics like suffering, fear, and forgiveness. Pick your topic and sign up to receive easy access to encouragement and truth in your email inbox each day!

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