Humans of Bethlehem

Mary and Joseph were people just like you. Their personal story of faith and hardship in the World’s Biggest Small Group can change the way you view your own story.

In this 5-Day series, The Bible Project, The Wally Show, and CJ & Joy will unpack: (1) where characters in the Christmas story came from, (2) how they managed to keep believing (even when things didn’t make sense, (3) and how God used their obedience in hardships to save the entire world.

Not familiar with the Bible Project? Their stunning videos use animation and storytelling to reveal how the Bible is a powerful story that leads us all to Jesus. You’re going to love them!

What is the World’s Biggest Small Group?

I Want to Know the Real Christmas Story!

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This Video Brings the Christmas Story to Life in a Whole New Way

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How Mary Found Hope in the Midst of Unbelievable Suffering

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How to Embrace Lasting Peace from The Christmas Story

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See How The Wise Men Reveal Surprising Truth About God!

Meet the most mysterious characters of the Christmas story – the Wise Men (also called Magi or Kings.) Their story is fascinating in itself, but...

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