Watch Sight & Sound Theatres Live Premiere of “Esther” over Labor Day Weekend

This weekend Sight & Sound Theatres will be premiering a special pay-per-view broadcast of their newest show “Queen Esther”.

You and your family can enjoy this incredible show from the comfort of your living room.

“Set in the opulent yet perilous Persian Empire, QUEEN ESTHER is a captivating tale of beauty and bravery. Esther’s ordinary life changed forever when she was taken through the palace doors, entering a new world of royalty and risk.”

“With a crown on her head and a secret in her heart, can she find the courage to trust in God’s plan and believe that she was made for such a time as this?”

This powerful story will remind you God is always at work in your life even when He feels far away.

If you love live theatre, you are going to fall in love with this show. From the dazzling costumes, the magnificent sets, and the live animals, you’re not going to want to miss “Queen Esther.”

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