Who Knew “Yellowstone” Actor, Luke Grimes, and Kelly Clarkson Were Carman Fans?!

If you haven’t seen the popular show ‘Yellowstone’ then you’ve at least heard of it. The show follows ranch owners, the Dutton’s, and all of the drama that finds them. In the words of Wes Bentley, It’s like The Godfather meets Big Sky Country.

Bentley along with Luke Grimes, recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show. They talked about several topics including music, camping and airstream trailers.

Kelly Clarkson, the Queen of 2000’s Pop, and Luke Grimes actually had a moment where they related on their Christian upbringing. The two talked about how their parents only allowed them to listen to Christian music growing up. When Kelly found out that Luke’s first concert was Carman, she immediately fan girl-ed. They continued to reminisce about Carman concerts, laughing that Bon Jovi had nothing on the CCM singer’s entertaining shows, usually involving a lot of costumes and storytelling. 

It’s fascinating how music has a unique way of bringing instant familiarity in the most unlikely places. Like two strangers reminiscing about the soundtrack of their teen years!

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