What in the Wedding Crashers is Unspoken’s New Music Video?!

If you’ve been looking for a mood booster, look no further because Unspoken has got you covered with their new song, “Love Is Everything We Need!”

In their hilarious new music video, a wedding gets a little wild with table crashing, confetti exploding, and wrestling galore.

This catchy tune has lyrics full of encouragement and truth, with a video that will surely make you smile!

“Oh, how we gonna look like Jesus
When we’re only looking out for ourselves
Real faith is giving our lives
For somebody else”

It reminds us that while we may not always get along with the people next to us, we’re called to love them away. That’s what Jesus would do, right? Thanks for the reminder, Unspoken!

“We may not see eye to eye
But tell me can’t we all agree
Love, love, love, love
Love is everything
Love is everything we need”

Watch Unspoken’s Live Performance of “The Cure”
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