Watch Natalie Grant’s Moving Performance of Tenth Avenue North’s “Worn”

If there is any song that sums up how we’re all feeling in 2020 it’s “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North. Recently on Facebook, Natalie Grant sang a powerful rendition of “Worn” that will bring you to tears.

She says, “This song. I’ve told my friend Mike Donehey it’s one of the great ones.

Truly, it’s one of my favorites ever. The honesty, the transparency, the yearning….I’ve been singing this one all day today.

Maybe it was sitting at my breakfast table, listening to my daughter, with a tone of sadness, frustration and uncertainty, try and put 2020 in her own words. Maybe it was spending 10 minutes on social media, seeing and reading things being posted in the name of Jesus that couldn’t be further from His actual character or who He is.

Maybe it was learning about a 13-year-old boy from Oregon, who died with his dog in his lap, unsuccessfully trying to escape the wildfires.

Just when it seems like this moment in time can’t get worse, there’s news of another devastation. It’s overwhelming. So much hurt and uncertainty. So much need.

Still only one solution. Jesus.

So Heaven come and flood our eyes. We’re worn.

Tenth Avenue North – Thx for giving us words and a melody for the desperation we’re feeling.”

How Do I Recover From Failure | Tenth Avenue North
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