Trending TikTok or Christian Hip-Hop Song? | This or That ft. The CoJo Show

Because the CoJo Show has gone viral on TikTok, we thought they’d be able to tell the difference between lyrics from Christian hip-hop songs on NGEN Radio and trending TikTok sounds. This game puts them to the test! Guess along with Joseph O’Brien and Coby James and let us know how many of these songs you recognize!

If you want to see more from the CoJo Show check out this Song Battle:

How Well Do You Know the Top Christian Songs of 2022?
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Dion Richardson
Dion Richardson
January 20, 2023 3:46 pm

This is hilarious!

Rochelle Wilson
Rochelle Wilson
January 21, 2023 3:23 am

Love Coby and Joseph!! 😄

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