Taming The Thumb – A Podcast We All Need To Hear

Social media opinions are out of control and in this The Gospel Coalition podcast, we’ll hear how the book of James speaks to not just taming our tongues – but also – our thumbs. The description reads:

In this final episode of the first season of Let’s Talk, Jasmine Holmes, Jackie Hill Perry, and Melissa Kruger talk about taming the tongue—both in face-to-face life and online. We may dismiss sins of speech, from gossip to complaining to tearing someone down, as minor. But James 3 compares the damage our words can do to a blazing forest fire lit by just a spark.

Jackie points out that Christians often say online what they would not say to someone’s face. But if we truly fear God, we would honor him with our online speech. Melissa talks about how gossip breeds false intimacy in the moment, but ultimately destroys trust in a friendship. And Jasmine recommends safeguards to avoid rash speech online so that we don’t get carried away and have to publicly apologize later.

Why Arguing On Social Media Hurts You And Your Friends
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