A Refreshing Take on Christianity and Halloween by Matt Chandler

Whether you go Trick-or-Treating or not, Matt Chandler’s balanced and biblical perspective will be helpful to you and your family!

“What’s the appropriate Christian response to this season? If you don’t want to celebrate the holiday and your conscience is pricked, I just want to encourage you – don’t celebrate! But if your conscience is free, there are some simple guidelines we can pull from…” – Matt Chandler (Pastor at The Village Church)

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Kevin Basile
Kevin Basile
November 1, 2019 12:25 pm

Ok Paul also said to abstain from ALL forms of evil. Forms, images, mindsets. As a ex- wiccan I know that giving the devil a inch breaks down your defenses. Our true model will always be Jesus, and if He gave no place to the devil how sare we.

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