Rick Warren’s Secret Library Looks Straight Out of Hollywood

If you want to hear Rick Warren talk about dealing with discouragement, living a purpose driven life, and want to see his jaw dropping top-secret study holding not one, but TWO Guinness World Records… look no further!

Rick drops so much wisdom in this interview, but what stood out the most is his discussion of the power of our own social media and how it can help or hurts others. Skip to 45 minutes to hear for yourself!

“You don’t help anybody with your successes. You only help them with your failures, your weaknesses, and your problems. I could post a photo everyday on social media of me meeting a celebrity, cause I know ’em all. Here’s me with this guy, here’s me with this girl. And what would it do? All it does is create competition and actually creates resentment. Well, who do you think you are? You think you’re so cool…

I don’t know anyone like that. And so, I never promote a push a self-promoting photo or a success in my life. If I do talk about me (and I don’t think that’s the primary focus of social media), I talk about a weakness, a hurt, or a need. And then people go, “Well if Rick went through that and God used him then maybe God can use me.” When I share my pain – losing a sun to suicide, the struggle Kay and I had in our marriage, going through a depression or going through a discouragement – it binds us. It unites us. Sharing successes doesn’t unite us.”

Why Arguing on Social Hurts You and Your Friends
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