Officer Says He Was Saved from Nashville Bomb by Voice of God

Nashville police officer James Wells is one of the officers that helped saved dozens of lives on Christmas morning in Nashville. He helped evacuate the area just before a bomb exploded.

In a press conference this week Officer Wells said that he literally heard God speak to him and it saved his life:

“I’m turning to walk toward them, I’m turning back toward the RV, and this might not be politically correct but it’s my truth, I literally heard God tell me to turn around and go check on Topping, who was by herself down on Broadway. As I turn around, for me it felt like I only took three steps, then the music stops, and as I’m walking back toward Topping, I Just see orange.”

The bomb had exploded, and Wells would have died if he had not listened to the voice he heard telling him to turn around. It’s not often that we hear god speak audibly, but there is not doubt that He can. Thankfully, Wells listened when he heard it and it saved his life.

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Pam Mason
Pam Mason
December 31, 2020 12:29 pm

Praise God stand firm in your faith officer James

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