Michael Tait Sees Differences in Race as a “Beautiful Bouquet”

“My dad… deliberately brought black, white, Asian, Jewish, Hispanic people into my house,” said Michael Tait in the interview with Wally. He continued, “because as a kid a lot of my friends were being taught, true story, Wally, that the white man was or is the blue eyed devil.”

His dad’s deliberate friendships and hospitality led to Tait seeking out people who looked different than him, rather than being afraid of them. “I never saw a different color as a threat,” says a reflective Tait. “This person’s different from me. That was the draw for me. You know the beauty’s in the diversity. Go after it like a wild man. A bouquet is beautiful for a reason… because of all the different colors. ”

Racism Through the Lens of Calvary
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Tammy Barnes
Tammy Barnes
April 26, 2021 12:13 pm

This has to be the best conversation I’ve seen and heard in the last year and I thank you both for being voices of truth. These are the relationships that make life in the kingdom worth it! I have only take issue with one comment, Wally, paraphrasing here. That we should be rejoicing when we can have positive conversations with those of diverse races. Idk, maybe I’m missing what you were getting at, but it seems that is putting us back decades. Like Michael I was raised with very diverse cultural interactions and never thought I needed to make those… Read more »

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