Kathie Lee Gifford’s New Movie is for “People Who Don’t Know Yet That God Loves Them”


You may recognize Kathie Lee Gifford best when seated next to Regis Philbin but now our beloved TV presenter is releasing a new movie with an inspiring message and a biblical foundation, “Then Came You.”

“It’s different than anything I’ve ever done before,” Gifford said. “But I felt the Lord’s calling on my life to write a movie for people who don’t know yet that God loves them.”

Gifford hopes Christians are not offended by the content since it’s rated PG-13, but she wanted to avoid sugar coating how people who don’t have a personal faith in God would make decisions. Gifford said she does not “separate the secular from the spiritual” in her career.

“In Him I live and move and have my very being. Everything I do is spiritual, even though I work in a so-called secular field in a secular world … I hope [people will] open up their hearts to say, ‘Wait a minute, where are the Annabelles and the Howards in my life – that I can be a witness to? That I can express the love of God to, that I can shine a light on the truth of Scripture?’ – not preaching at them, but loving them into the kingdom. That’s what I’m hoping my Christian friends will come away with.”

Kathie Lee Remembers Regis, “I’m just so grateful … the Lord gave me that final time”
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October 2, 2020 12:54 pm

Looking forward to watching!

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