JJ Heller’s Music Video About Her Friend’s High Risk Pregnancy Will Make You Cry

“There are so many heart-wrenching and beautiful parts of this story, it’s hard to know where to begin.⁣

Right after my lovely friend Joy found out she was pregnant, she was also diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. They told her it was unlikely the baby would survive to term, and if he did, he would have severe birth defects. They advised her to abort him. ⁣

As the baby developed in her growing belly, the doctors couldn’t find part of his brain. After this scary appointment, in the middle of uncertainty, this is what Joy wrote: “It is the being held together in perfect peace, not in perfect place, that is the miracle after all.”⁣

During her third trimester, I played my song “Missing Peace” for her and her husband Donny as they sat on the couch in our living room. The song finished and with tears in her eyes, Joy said, “This song is my story.” She asked if she could document the rest of her pregnancy and delivery with the intention of setting the footage to my song. ⁣

At the time, none of us knew how things would turn out. ⁣

A few hours before the baby was born, Joy wrote, “I don’t know how this night will end or what awaits us on the other side of the birth, but I do know that the pain coming is a necessary step in the journey toward finding out. In just a few hours I will meet my son, and however he has been woven I know the weaving was done exactly to plan by the most masterful artist – for His glory and my good.”⁣

And then, to the astonishment of every doctor in the room, Webb Isaiah Prouty was born completely healthy. Praise be to God. ⁣

I wish every story could end this way, but there are so many times in life when we find ourselves in the middle of the unknown. And sometimes the unknown turns into heartbreak and tragedy. There are no answers in those moments, only the hope of Peace Himself. Jesus is our missing peace. ⁣

I hope this video is a blessing to you.” – JJ Heller

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