Jeremy Camp’s “Anxious Heart” Music Video Sheds Light on Teen Anxiety

Maybe you’ve heard Jeremy Camp‘s song, “Anxious Heart” on your favorite Christian radio station! The music video tells a story that’s relatable to so many people. It features a young man whose mind can’t find rest.

Locked up and I’m so in my headHeart starts racing and I can’t slow it downHands shaking and l’m losing my breathParalyzed with a mind spinning out

In the chorus of the song the teen finds hope when he turns to God and His word for peace and clarity of mind.

You are the light when my world goes darkYou hold me together when I’m torn apartAnd when my thoughts have run away too farYou’re the calm for my anxious heart

Jeremy Camp’s song helps bring attention to a problem that is growing rapidly. U.S. teens are in a mental health crisis. When asked about their experiences in the three months prior to a survey, 60% reported experiencing depression, 66% reported high anxiety, 75% reported feelings of loneliness, and 35% reported having had suicidal thoughts. (Global Youth Culture study)

If you struggle with anxiety we hope that this song is something you can sing over yourself to point you to the source of hope! If you’re a parent of a teenager here is a helpful resource:

3 Questions for Parents to Check In on Your Teen’s Mental Health
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Julie Kunkel
Julie Kunkel
January 31, 2023 6:11 pm

This song speaks directly about what is going on in so many teens life’s. And not just teens. These words resonate with so many broken and hurting people today. Great message that their is hope, strength and love in and through our God. Great job Jeremy Camp in reaching out to those troubled by life!

Judy S Rice
Judy S Rice
February 11, 2023 6:01 am

my son was like this after leaving home and I could not see. I wish I had made him
go to church all his life so he would have known he could ask god for help when he
needed him.

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