“I Still Believe” Interview with Jeremy Camp

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for one of the hardest seasons in your life to be turned into a movie? Jeremy Camp experienced exactly that! “I Still Believe,” which comes out in March of 2020, tells the story of his first wife’s battle with cancer, her eventual death, and how Jeremy walked with God through that challenging journey.

Jeremy was present on set for the filming of a lot of the scenes and said, “I’m watching scenes, hospital scenes. That to me was one of the hardest. The hospital brings back bad memories for me. At one point I literally was watching a hospital scene. I broke down and I left. I didn’t actually come back because the next scene was her flatlining, and it was just… I didn’t want to watch that over and over again. (You know cause they do takes and takes over and over again.)”

“But it was just amazing too because as I’m there, watching this, and it’s hard to watch. All of a sudden I look over, and I look at my kids and I look at my wife and I’m going “Wow, Lord, you’ve been faithful” In the midst of watching that pain cuz… I remember that pain cuz it triggered that in me. I go, “You didn’t leave me. You didn’t forsake me.” You know now I have a beautiful family, and now, I’m sharing my story.”

What is Jeremy excited to see happen through this film? He wants to point people in painful circumstances to the true source of hope.

“Pain is universal, and everybody experiences it. It’s worldwide, and I want to share my story – share the pain that I’ve been through, but share that there is hope. There is kind of two ways you can go with your pain. You can either turn your back from the Lord and say, “Forget you! Why did you do this? I want nothing to do with you.” Which, there’s not hope in that. You know what I mean? There’s emptiness.”

“I had moments of feeling that way and moments of being angry, moments of saying I cannot do this… Then you get to the point of going, “Where else am I going to turn? He is my only source of hope.” So, we all go through pain. It’s universal, but it’s what you do with it. And we want to hopefully display to people that you run to Jesus. He’s the only source of hope in life.”

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