Jay Weaver’s Legacy is One of Joy | Celebration of Life Video


Jay Weaver, bassist from the band Big Daddy Weave, went home to the Lord on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022. A celebration of life was held in his honor on Saturday, January 8th, and this beautiful tribute video was shared.

“There’s not someone that’s so far gone. There’s nothing you’ve done that Jesus can’t fix, that he can’t make it right. So whatever it is the devil’s telling you right now, you’re so far lost that the cause is over, it’s just another lie even though it may look true from where you’re sitting. Jesus is in the middle of anything and everything, and he can fix it and make it new. That’s what I love so much about him is there’s nothing that he can’t make right.

So God I ask you in these moments, Lord, people they’re listening God, and hear your story in my life God, God that you in this moment God will just quiet the voice of the enemy. God that you will shut his mouth. And that the only thing they would hear in these next few moments God would be your voice. That the only thing that’s allowed to talk is Jesus himself. Your story in my life.

And poppa, I just ask that you’d allow him to speak life over my brothers and my sisters. God that in this moment, you would just reach down and tell them who they are, that you’d show them who they are God because of what you’ve done. Not because of anything they have done or haven’t done but because of what you have done. And God I ask, Lord, that you would make it easy for them to take hold of it in Jesus name. And that everything that has been said against them would be turned around and that your kingdom would advance God because of the work that you’re doing even right now in their lives. God I thank you for your goodness. I thank you for your kindness, for your faithfulness to us God. I’m thankful that you are greater than anything the devil has intended for us and that you’re drawing those things null and void, even now in the name of Jesus. So God, today we trust you, and we thank you God that you are trustworthy. In Jesus name. Amen.”

What a joy to be able to watch the life Jay lived and be thankful for his testimony that lives on. ❤️

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