Jason Gray Shares a Vulnerable Song About Grief

In an interview on The Wally Show, Jason Gray shared powerful insight on grief:

I don’t think that we do grieving very well. I don’t think we grieve well or  allow those around us to grieve very well.

If you’re talking with a person and your heart’s breaking and you begin to cry, what’s the first thing you say? You say you’re sorry, right? And why do we do that?

We feel ashamed of our pain, which is weird because whenever a person allows me into their pain, I feel so honored. That’s a really intimate and holy place.

I believe it’s a holy place because I believe that the pain is what God uses to draw deep wounds that we have up to the surface so that we can be healed.

I think of Job, he’s gone through hell, and then his friends come over to comfort him, and they actually make it worse by trying to explain his pain or tell him why it happened, or why it’s his fault. Offering Scripture to him.

Whenever we do that, we are rejecting the person’s pain. We’re saying, “Don’t be in pain. Don’t hurt. Be ok. Be encouraged.” And that doesn’t help them heal.

I think it’s important for us to recognize that pain is holy ground and usually in the presence of holiness, it’s best if we keep quiet.

Not Right Now Lyrics

You could see the smoke from a mile away
And trouble always draws a crowd
They wanna tell me that it’ll be okay
But that’s not what I need right now
Not while my house is burning down

I know someday
I know somehow
I’ll be okay
But not right now
Not right now

Tell me if the hope that you know is true
Ever feels like a lie even from a friend
When their words are salt in an open wound
And they just can’t seem to understand
That you haven’t even stopped the bleeding yet

I know someday
I know somehow
I’ll be okay
But not right now
No, not right now

Don’t tell me when I’m grieving
That this happened for a reason
Maybe one day we’ll talk about the dreams that had to die
For new ones to come alive
But not right now

While I wait for the smoke to clear
You don’t even have to speak
Just sit with me in the ashes here
And together we can pray for peace
To the one acquainted with our grief

I know someday
I know somehow
I’ll be okay
But not right now
Not right now
No, not right now

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