How Well Do You Know TV Theme Songs? | Song Battle

Guess along as Christian artists, RICHLIN, Ryan Stevenson, & Jordan St. Cyr compete in a TV Theme Song Battle! And witness two of the most competitive people we know, Wally & Bekah, go head-to-head.

If your favorite tv show didn’t make the list, check out the first TV Show Theme Song Battle!

If you’re a big Parks & Recreation or The Office fan, see if you can tell the difference between quotes by Leslie Knope & Michael Scott:

Michael Scott or Leslie Knope? | This or That ft. The Afters
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April 13, 2022 4:18 pm

Of course I got most of these wrong.. 😂
I don’t really watch these kind of TV Shows, lol.
Dunno why you guys wouldadd Friends, though… isn’t that a show that embraces non-married people living together?

Anyway, I had fun watching this & I bet you guys had fun making it! ^-^

You should really do a Barbie song battle with just the girls. 😂 The old songs were so good!

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