How One Family Is Honoring The Life of Their Son Through an Act of Kindness


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If you don’t feel like crying, just scroll past this story.

Paula Faris, former cohost of ABC’s Good Morning America Weekend and The View turned Christian author and podcaster, recently visited her local grocery store to pick up her son’s birthday cake.

When she arrived, to her surprise, she was notified that someone had already paid.

Attached to the cake box was a photo of a little boy with a note on the back that read,

“Wishing you wonderful day in honor of our son who would be turning 14 today. We aren’t able to buy his birthday cake so we would like to buy yours in his memory. Love, Cash’s mom and dad”

With tears in her eyes, Paula recorded this quick video for Instagram to remind us all that there are still really good people in this world. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see the good when life seems to be filled with so much bad. We hope the memory of Cash and the generosity of his parents reminds you that we are all together in this broken world. And together with Jesus, we can take the pain we’ve experienced and use it for good.

Happy Birthday Cash.

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