Fighting Against Racism with David W. Swanson


As more of us become aware of the racial inequalities in the US, it’s easy to feel stuck and confused about what to do next. Pastor David W. Swanson has been fighting against racism and working towards reconciliation for more than a decade. He shared some practical tips from his newest book for taking the next step in the work against racism.

Get David’s book, “Redisicpling the White Church: From Cheap Diversity to True Solidarity.”

Learn more about Pastor Swanson.

Pastor Brandon Washington spoke with our Prayer Pastor Chad about his experiences as a Black man in America, and how the Gospel should be applied to racial problems in America. Watch it now:

Jump Straight to a Question and Response

1:15 – A little bit about Pastor Swanson’s life and experiences.
3:00 – What is our first step against racism and towards racial reconciliation?
6:20 – What are some the obstacles we have to overcome as white Christians in terms of making a dent in systemic racism?
10:11 – What is “white-ness”?
13:15 – What are some of the other things we should be aware of besides police violence?
16:07 – What is discipleship?
16:53 – Why do we need to be discipled out of racism?
18:09 – Why is solidarity something we should seek before diversity?
21:00 – What are some ways we can influence the people around us to work against racism as well?

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