The Importance of Easter Saturday | Tedashii

“Easter Sunday in all of its triumph matters greatly because of the depths Christ went on Saturday.”Tedashii

After the anguish of the cross, while there was still weeping and mourning, Jesus was buried. And for those standing there, who thought Friday was the most hopeless they would ever feel, the reality of Saturday set-in. They probably asked themselves, “What do we do? What do I do in this moment? How do I go on?” In hindsight we could say that was the feeling of not knowing if Sunday was REALLY coming.

The hardship we experience isn’t something our Savior doesn’t understand. He went through and understands fully what it’s like to suffer and even knows what it’s like to die. When we understand the sorrow of Saturday, the absence of hope, we can more fully appreciate and experience the joy of Sunday.

We can see the depths to which Jesus was willing to go. And it was all for you, his beloved child.

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