Danny Gokey Tells Kirk Cameron How Hope Sustained Him Through Both Heartbreak and Success

Danny Gokey recently sat down on Kirk Cameron’s “takeaways” to tell his testimony. He shared that hope is what sustained him through the hard days and got him to the place he is in his ministry today. This hope comes from the overflow of how God is working in his life. Danny explains that hope is what keeps us going, even when we can’t see God’s plan.

“When people lose hope, they lose their reason to live. People make bad decisions when they lose hope” – Danny Gokey

“I think people need hope like we need air, we suffocate without it” – Kirk Cameron

Danny shares how the death of his first wife, Sophia, a month before his American Idol audition, changed his perspective and led him to ask the question “What if God can use my story?” Finding purpose is a huge part of what gave Danny hope and kept him going after such painful loss, even though he didn’t understand fully what God was doing.

“We have such a limited understanding. When you don’t understand something. Always stay on God’s side” – Danny Gokey

This led to a deeper relationship, deeper understanding, and deeper friendship with God. Looking back, Danny sees God’s hand in his life. God spoke to Danny through the birth of his 4th son with his wife, Leyicet, reminding him that God is always with him. What Danny wants us to know about following God is “it’s worth it.”

American Idol Stars Danny Gokey and Mandisa Battle it Out With Colton Dixon | Song Battle
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