Damar Hamlin Gets Emotional Presenting ESPY Award to the Bills Training Staff That Saved His Life

Last night Damar Hamlin got emotional while presenting an ESPY to the staff that helped save his life, and it will make you weep.

In January of this year, you couldn’t get online without seeing a story about Damar Hamlin. After a direct hit to the chest, Hamlin’s heart suddenly stopped, and he collapsed. Those in the arena and football fans watching along silently waited as the Buffalo Bills training staff administered CPR on the field for nearly 10 minutes. After a week in the hospital, Damar got sent home and miraculously was cleared to play football only four months after his release.

Last night Hamlin tearfully took the stage at the ESPY Awards to present the Buffalo Bills training staff with the Pat Tillman Award for Service. Damar stood on stage and cried while receiving a standing ovation for surviving the unsurvivable, and recognized the team that helped keep him alive. By the end of it, everyone was crying.

Damar continues to praise God for the miracle that he experienced.

How Damar Hamlin’s Recovery Showed the World the Power of Prayer
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