Christian Boyband Plus One’s “Written On My Heart” Music Vid (Throwback 2000)

In 2000, like most teenage girls, I was obsessed with boybands. Except I was a teenage boy. I also loved Christian music. When Plus One debuted, it was like my two best friends were getting married. CCM + boyband music equalled a heavenly listening experience.

Unfortunately, like much of Christian music at the time, as Plus One was on its way into stardom, their style of boyband music was on its way out of pop culture. On the bright side, before they began to flounder from a lack of cultural relevancy, I hitched a ride with a youth group mom and a van full of 8th grade girls to catch one concert.

Don’t judge me… too harshly. According to Spotify, I’m not the only huge Plus One fan. Their song “Last Flight Out” sports over 8M streams. And if you’re wondering… No. I don’t secretly hope for a 2021 reunion tour. But Yes. I probably would buy a ticket.

– Rob from the Audible God podcast

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Jessie Hagan
April 29, 2021 5:25 pm

We got to see them with our girls around 2004. They were fun.

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