Christian Book Series,The Wingfeather Saga, Becomes Animated Series Through Crowdfunding

Angel Studios helped bring The Chosen tv series to life with over 11M in crowd investment. Now that The Chosen, a series about the life of Jesus, has been viewed over 160M times worldwide and made over 40M in revenue, Hollywood is taking notice of the crowd investment model.

Whether or not you were an investor in The Chosen, there’s another opportunity to bring quality Christian entertainment to the screen through investing in The Wingfeather Saga, a young adult book series by Christian songwriter Andrew Peterson. In 2020 sales of The Wingfeather Saga multiplied by six. And the exponential increase has inspired Andrew and J. Chris Wall to hire the experts needed to make it into a multi-season animated series.

It takes tons of money to get series like The Chosen up and running. It takes lots of money and lots of time. I can’t wait to see The Wingfeather Saga succeed!

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