Chris Pratt Gives Blessing Offor a Huge Compliment on the Drew Barrymore Show

@blessingofformusicY’all, Chris Pratt… almost… Knows who I am! 😂 My parks and rec loving heart is exploding! think we can get this to him?! Share!♬ original sound – Blessing Offor

On The Drew Barrymore Show, Chris Pratt mentioned he recently attended a Zach Williams show. Zach Williams shared a clip from the interview on Facebook saying:

“Always so fun to see Chris Pratt! Thanks for coming out to the show! I’ll reciprocate the shout out! Go check out Chris in this newest movie The Super Mario Bros. Movie!”
The best part of the interview was when Chris shares how moved he was to hear Blessing Offor, a new artist he didn’t previously know, perform. He said:
“I went to this concert recently, Zach Williams, he brought out this piano player, keyboard player, who is vision impaired, right? So he walked out, and he was smiling, and he stood there, and he sat there, and he played the piano and he sang, it’s just beautiful. And I was noticing how, like his body, the way he held his body kind of almost like a big speaker, he was resonating this music out of his body and there was no vanity in it because he wasn’t concerned about the way he might be looking maybe or it felt that way to me.”
Blessing Offor, who you may know for his song “Brighter Days,” responded in a TikTok saying:
“Y’all Chris Pratt’s talking about me right now! … You guys listen, I need you to share this so Chris Pratt will know my name. That’s a dream!”
Chris Pratt has been outspoken about his faith and his love for Christian music for a long time. We always love to see Christian artists who love Jesus and represent Jesus so well talked about on national platforms so people who have never heard of them before can be introduced to the hope filled message of the Gospel through their music!
Get to Know Blessing Offor as He Answers Google’s Top Questions!
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Lisa K
Lisa K
April 17, 2023 8:55 pm

Love this!!❤️ praise the Lord for all of you!!!! Here in Detroit, loving your Believe song Blessing Offor❣️ Can’t get enough..thank you for using your amazing God-given talent!!!

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