“Brighter Days” is the Hope You Need to Keep Going Today

If you haven’t heard this song yet, then you are welcome! These powerful lyrics by Blessing Offor remind us to hold on to hope even in the middle of life’s struggles.

“Oh, ashes fall from burning dreams
Oh, never lived through times like these
Oh, if you’re trying hard to breathe in the dark
I know there’s gonna be some brighter days”

You might remember Blessing from Season 7 of The Voice but his story goes so much deeper.

“The youngest of six siblings, the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter immigrated to the United States with his uncle at the age of six. Born with glaucoma in his left eye, Blessing’s parents selflessly sent their son to America in the hopes that he would be able to receive optimal medical care. Several years later, a powerful spray from a water gun damaged his retina, removing the sight in his right eye, as well, yet the disability has yet to deter him.”

Blessing doesn’t believe his blindness is a hindrance; rather, it’s a gift that affords him a heightened sense of attunement to the world around him. He also believes his Nigerian blood and immigrant mentality push him to work harder than any of his peers.

Blessing knows what it’s like to be dealt a hand in life that would cause you to lose hope. His story is a reminder that we can trust in the Lord and have hope no matter what we are facing.

How to Pray for a “Hopeless” Situation
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Rita Hughes
Rita Hughes
January 25, 2023 2:48 pm

He is definitely a “Blessing” I Love his Song….”Brighter Days”

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