Blessing Offor Spreads Hope With ‘Brighter Days’ on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Blessing Offor began his public music career with a 4 chair turn on season 7 of “The Voice” and has had many opportunites to share his inspirational music since. Recently The Kelly Clarkson show welcomed him to sing his song “Brighter Days”.

“I’ve really been looking forward to sharing my songs with everyone,” Blessing says. “Every one of them feels like I’m sharing a part of myself for people to relate to. That’s what ‘Brighter Days’ is about. The idea that we all experience dark days, but it’s those days that lead us to, and that makes the brighter ones worth waiting for.”

Dark days have been defining moments for Blessing Offor literally and figuratively. Born in Nigeria without vision in one eye, his parents made the tough decision to separate from him when he was 6, so he could live with an uncle in America and get the care he needed. At 10, an accident involving a powerful water gun took the sight from his good eye.

Complete loss of sight brought him to a place where he discovered his passion for music and it’s ability to help him to connect to other people. He does not see his blindness as something that hinders him, but a gift that allows him to see the world around him in a way that others may not.

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