A Christian Artist Shares Honestly About His Struggles With Addiction | Josh Wilson

You know Josh Wilson from his songs “Revolutionary” and “That was Then, This is Now”, but there is a part of Josh Wilson’s story you may not know. Josh recently posted to Instagram that he was celebrating 6 years of sobriety. Because of his career as a Christian artist, this confession was not an easy one to share. Even in a culture where we strive to support each other, Christians are still human and can be harsh and judgmental. Josh felt that he was not alone in his struggle with alcohol and that the risk of bringing this addiction into the light was worth it if he could help someone else who was dealing with the same things. Being a Christian does not mean that we always get everything right. There is still a struggle which is why we need Jesus. Josh tells us…

“I’m a Christian because I struggle, because I need Jesus”

Josh says that sharing his story has brought freedom from anxiety and feeling the need to hide. He shares ways to battle temptation and how the support of family and friends is vital to overcoming addiction. He desires that sharing his story will encourage people to find hope and ultimately to find Jesus.

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