1500 Years of Worship Music in A Cappella

YouTuber, David Wesley, sings a medley a cappellafilled with songs still in use today, but with connections to almost 1500 years of Christian worship. It’s all crammed into 7.5 minutes, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride!

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Ruth Stone
Ruth Stone
October 26, 2020 12:02 pm

I’m a church musician and a lover of a cappella. Nice job, vocally and historically!

David Harris
David Harris
October 26, 2020 12:22 pm

So much fun and inspirational! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

Deborah Delhay
Deborah Delhay
October 26, 2020 12:56 pm

So awesome. God gave you an incredible voice and a Godly heart. Thanks for sharing your talent. You made my day!! God Bless!!

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