117-Year-Old Nun Kicks Covid’s Butt

Sister André is a French nun who also happens to be the second oldest person in the world! Despite her age and all the statistics that say the elder are less likely to be able to survive the coronavirus. She has beat the virus and come out better than ever with Covid-19 in her rear view mirror.
Sister André lives in a nursing home in Toulon, France where 81 out of 88 residents contracted the deadly virus. 11 residents sadly passed away but Sister André was the oldest survivor, turning 117 on Thursday, February 11th. 

Reportedly she has declined to take the vaccine because she is “not afraid of dying …so give my doses to someone who needs them,” she said, according to Tavella.

She plans to spend her 117th birthday in a virtual birthday party with close friends and family and is also expecting calls from her local bishop and even the mayor!

Sister André story is a reminder to people everywhere that there is nothing impossible with God. 

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