Balancing Father’s Day Grief and Joy This Year | Brandon Heath

Not long before artist Brandon Heath‘s daughter was born, his dad passed away after a long illness. While this is his first Father’s Day as a dad himself, it’s also his first Father’s Day without his dad. He posted this heartfelt video expressing both joy and grief, plus how he’s honoring his dad’s memory everyday with his baby daughter, Palmer.

Brandon says, “Everything I learned from my dad, I’m putting into this little girl right now.” Here are the 3 things Brandon talks about learning from his dad and why they’re so important.

1. How to love and care for other people

In the video Brandon describes his dad saying, “He would do anything for anyone.” We hear the phrase “actions speak louder than words” so much that it’s easy to forget how true it is. Just loving and helping the people around you can speak volume to the kids in your life.

2. What it means to be a man

Sometimes we underestimate the importance and power of a strong, male role model in the life of a child. While not everyone has that in their father, Brandon did and it sounds like he’s not taking it for granted. Now he’s striving to be that for his daughter.

3. Take the opportunity set in front of you

Brandon just lost his dad, a guy he really loved. That would be hard on anyone. While the grieving process is a real and important thing, we love how Brandon is taking the memory of his dad and using it to become a better dad and a better man, himself. He’s not going to miss this opportunity to love his daughter well and also encourage other men out there to be the best role models they can be.

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Whether Father’s Day brings you joy or grief this year (or maybe a little of each), take Brandon’s words to heart. Pour into the children in your life. Model the kinds of things you know to be so important in a father figure. Use this day as a reminder of what it means to be a good man – and just a good human.

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