9 Easy Ways to Encourage Others While Social Distancing

Now that we are in another week of “COVID compression,” our emotions are being stretched.

Some are bored… Others carry much bigger burdens than before the lockdown.

Some are tired because of extra hours demanded of them… Others are trying to keep their tempers in check.

Some are serving the needy … Others are downright scared.

Everything has changed, hasn’t it? For those of us with extra time, let me suggest something to help turn your stress and anxiety into peace. Encouragement.Think, “How can I encourage others during this time?”

The word encourage is found 100 times throughout the Bible. In fact, 1 Thessalonians 5:11 commands us very simply: So, encourage each other.

In this time of social distancing, your encouragement can help bring a smile on someone’s face and calm some of the anxiety in your own heart. So, how do you encourage others? Start with these easy ideas.

Email your pastor, school teachers, or government officials to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Put it in the subject line: WE APPRECIATE YOU! They’re probably getting a ton of messages right now, but with a title like that, they won’t be able to ignore yours!  In the body of your email, write a couple of specific things you appreciate about them – their hard work, their dedication, your prayers for their wisdom, health, and rest. You get the idea. Keep it short, but I guarantee you, they’ll love it!

Nudge yourself to get a project done.

Household projects… the old To-Do List.  Surprise your kids by renovating their rooms. Freshen up the TV room. Organize a closet, the garage, or the basement. By the time this national shut-down ends, all of us will be rearing to get out of the house and do something normal. You’ll be glad to look back and see what you accomplished.

Clean, clean, clean!

I don’t think my hands have ever been so clean… and so dried out!  But the experts are telling us that we can’t clean too much. Kick your spring cleaning into high gear, and reward yourselves with a favorite movie or game together.

Offer to help someone in your house or your neighborhood.

We all need help in some way or another. Some are struggling more than others because they’re either elderly or sick, a single parent or someone working overtime. It’s spring- a great season to rake yards, prep gardens, and wash windows or cars. Kids are resourceful. If you have some in your house, ask them for their ideas.

Uplift others in prayer.

In this pandemic, God has given us the opportunity to pray more. Make a list as a family of needs and people to pray for. Post it on the refrigerator. You can also go to our Prayer Wall and intercede for others. Press I PRAYED FOR THIS. When the person who posted the request receives a text or email that they’ve been prayed for, guess what?? They’ll be ENCOURAGED! Sound familiar?

Ramp up more family time.

I think we all feel guilty about not doing this enough. So, take a breather and play a game of ladder ball today in the back yard. Or, it might be piecing together a puzzle, playing charades or hangman, or even a good competition on the Wii with the whole family.

Ask your spouse or parent what you can do to help.

You might even learn to cook, or like me, learn to do the dishes! You can always offer a hand with the laundry and cleaning too. When you see your hard-working spouse or parent actually relaxing on the couch, you’ll know you did something right.

Get going on your own list.

You didn’t like my list. That’s OK! You might not have the financial resources to spend any new money. Make your own “freebie” list with your family. Or, have each family member use the initials from their first name and be creative what you can do as a family to encourage someone else. If you can decide on a winner, that person gets the biggest helping of ice cream.

Encourage yourself in God’s Word.

After a busy list like mine or a busy day with all your responsibilities, can I suggest some time with God? God won’t disappoint you.  Even ten minutes will feed your soul. The Psalms are always good for hard times. They help you pray too.

Here are some of my favorite Psalms: 3,5,16,20,23,27,31,33,46,91,121,139.

Also, check out our Bible studies. Hearing other people’s stories always helps, and you might like interacting with new people in this social distancing time.

Know one thing: we are praying for you in this time of crisis. I pray this simple blog brings you encouragement and hope. This is a hard, sad time, but I pray you’ll find people who you can encourage and be encouraged by you as you share each other’s burdens.

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