Top 10 Videos of 2020

We have a lot of fun here at WAY Nation making videos that will make you laugh, teach you something new, and tell you a story you haven’t heard.

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10. Can Blanca & Apollo LTD Guess Songs From Across the Pond? | UK Song Battle

Darren from We Are Messengers, Blanca, & Apollo LTD try to guess legendary songs and artists from the United Kingdom.


9. Did God Cause the Coronavirus Pandemic?

N.T. Wright answers our questions about God’s sovereignty and purpose in the midst of suffering. He also proposes some of the ways Christians should respond in the midst of tragedies and suffering. We also talked a bit about racism and how the church can become an example of racial reconciliation and beloved community.

8. Sidewalk Prophets sing Mister Rogers, Michael Jackson, and Rich Mullins

Watch one of the most impressive voices in Christian music sing everything from Dream On to Sesame Street.


7. Mandisa & Colton Dixon Battle it out with Danny Gokey

Watch Danny Gokey and MandisaOfficial go against fellow American Idol star ColtonDixonMusic and Joy of WAY-FM Afternoon Show in this hilarious song battle.

6. Taylor Swift Lyrics or Bible Verse from Lamentations?

The queen of emotional pop has some lyrics that are eerily similar to Lamentations. Spotting the difference is harder than you think!

5. Jeremy Camp Sings DC Talk and the Song it Took Him 10 years to Write

Listen to Jeremy Camp sing a song it took him 10 years to write along with his favorite dc Talk song. Usually, we get to hear his songs with a band’s backing. This time, it’s just Jeremy and an acoustic guitar. And he sounds amazing!

4. Jon Steingard on Losing His Faith

Hawk Nelson lead singer, Jon Steingard, reveals why he started questioning his faith in God.

3. We the Kingdom Rocks Freebird, My Girl, Coldplay and Chris Tomlin

We the Kingdom sings everything from “Holy Water” to “How Great is Our God” to “Johnny B. Goode.”

2. Phil Wickham Sings Songs from a Mug at Home with His Kids

Phil recorded this at home at the beginning of the quarantine because 2020. He sang everything from Frozen 2 to U2 to “How Great Thou Art” while his kids insert their own personalities.

1. Social Club Misfits on Leaving the Church

​Social Club Misfits talk about going to prison, an evil pastor, and being welcomed back exactly like the prodigal son.

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Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith
December 28, 2020 11:07 am

I needed this, been feeling like I’m so wrong in my thinking, because my ” christian” family and friends have a different mind set. They have their guns and are ready to protect themselves and family. I feel like I would rather die than kill another human being. I love God and my fellow human beings and the hate breaks my heart. Message me any thoughts on what I feel

Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith
December 28, 2020 11:09 am

I was listening to N.T. Wright Brenda Smith

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